I’ve apparently missed the boat and dodged a bullet at the same time. I’ve missed all 10 of the best reviewed movies of early 2007 (though several are on my Netflix). Fortunately, my cinematic lagging has allowed me to also dodge the 10 worst reviewed films (though several are on my Netflix). Here’s the lists.

Best-Reviewed Movies

1. “Ratatouille”

2. “Away From Her”

3. “Once”

4. “Knocked Up”

5. “Hot Fuzz”

6. “Sicko”

7. “The Host”

8. “Zodiac”

9. “Waitress”

10. “The Lookout”

Worst-Reviewed Movies

1. “Because I Said So”

2. “The Number 23”

3. “Premonition”

4. “The Reaping”

5. “Norbit”

6. “Perfect Stranger”

7. “Happily N’Ever After”

8. “Are We Done Yet?”

9. “Code Name: The Cleaner”

10. “Hannibal Rising”