It’s Pi Day, y’all. In middle school that meant bringing your favorite pie to math class and sharing it with all your mega-nerd friends. Or was that just us? No matter how you celebrate 3.14, there’s a pie in town for you. Here’s where you can snag slices (and whole pies!) today.

Kaminsky’s sells pies on the reg, but they’re also offering slices of signature pies for $3.14 from 1-4 p.m. today.
[location-1] Whole Foods is selling large bakery pies for $3.14 (which is a pretty damn good deal).
[location-2] Hit up your local Bojangles for $3.14 sweet potato pies — you get three of ’em for that price.

Have you had a Peace Pie yet? They’re ice cream sandwiches … with pie filling. Head to their two spots on King and Meeting streets.
[location-3] Harold’s Cabin is always serving up a pie of the day.
[location-4] Mt. Pleasant’s Kudzu Bakery serves pecan, lemon chess, apple, and key lime pies.

Head to Page’s Okra Grill for classic pecan and key lime pies, served all day.
[location-5] Y’all know a new school diner serves slices of the good stuff — snag a slice of apple or pecan pie at The Rarebit. For an extra buck you can make those bad boys a la mode.
[location-6] Saffron Bakery serves mini pecan and apple pies, which means you can have one of each (duh).
[location-7] If peanut butter pie is your go-to dessert, look no further than Blind Tiger — serving that slab of sweetness for both lunch and dinner.
[location-8] Walk ’round back at EVO Pizza to find EVO Craft Bakery’s daily pie offerings. And maybe a cookie or six.

[location-9] The Daily is serving up mini lemon meringue pies (drool).