We’ve been heading to 52.5 Records for affordable gig posters and screenprinted art for years. The King Street record store always has funky posters for sale, and they host the occasional art show. Now, with the help of artist and curator Chuck Keppler, they’re putting an even sharper focus on artwork with the opening of 16 Penny Gallery.

The new gallery space will be integrated into 52.5, with art on the walls and a browser or two full of posters. Keppler has collected works from both local and national artists like Leia Bell, Strawberryluna, Johnny Pundt, Mike Klay, Phillip Hyman, Adam Turman, Jeff Lamm, Crosshair, Pete Cardoso, and Matt Pfahlert/Get a Clue Design. Expect to find gig poster-type artwork along with some original work from local artists. New art will be added weekly.

"I’m hoping Charleston will support a gallery that carries art in a price range that everyone can afford," Keppler says.

The opening reception for 16 Penny Gallery is set for Fri. Dec. 4, 7-9 p.m.