Organizers of Kulture Klash 3 estimate that about 2,000 people attended the arts and culture party at the Old Navy Base earlier this month.

The news marks a significant step for the grass-roots project. The first Kulture Klash drew about 800. The second one, last spring, drew about 1,300. If the trend continues, Kulture Klash 4, which organizers say will likely be in the spring of 2009, is on pace to attract about 2,600 people to 10 Storehouse Row.

Gustavo Serrano, one of four figures behind the event and owner of retail stores B’Zar and Suite Sole, says the next installment will be kept under wraps until much closer to April 20, Earth Day. He did mention, however, that perhaps there will be more of a fashion focus to KK4.

The success of Kulture Klash has inspired imitators, including Blume and A Homegrown Art Gathering, trying to carve their own niche in the art-party scene. —John Stoehr