After a little less than a year of existence, White Boy Crazy has risen to the top of the list of “local shows that must be seen to be believed.” One dose of their phat beats, crazy costumes, and hilarious lyrics, and you’ll understand the hype.

This Saturday, it all comes together when WBC open for eclectic, legendary rap artist Blowfly at the Village Tavern. Not only is it the world premiere of the “In My Ride” video, produced locally and documented in these pages a few months ago, it’s also WBC’s official CD release party.

They’ll have pipin’ hot copies of Thighs 2 Da Challenge for sale at the show (if you can’t make it out that night, you can also pick up a copy in local independent record stores 52.5 Records and Monster Music & Movies), along with limited edition screen-printed posters designed by Kevin Taylor and John Pundt, the man who whipped up the sexy-ladies-in-silhouette design for the CD cover.

“We worked on it in two phases,” says Taylor, a.k.a. Power Talker, the MC behind the bunny mask. “We recorded one session right around the time of our first show [with MC Chris at the Village Tavern in Feb. 2005] … we had originally planned on doing a five-song thing; then in April, we did another recording session and were writing songs so quickly … we had like 12 songs and some of those were better than some of the ones we had already recorded, so the idea of the album kinda grew.

“We did it all live … the mix-downs are what I spent the most time on, mixing the songs, making sure they were right, playing them in my car, then going back and having to remix them and fix those little things. This is one of those bands where you gotta make sure the sound is slammin’ … the bass has to make the clitoris vibrate.” To get a small sampling of the tingly WBC experience, check out the MP3s at

White Boy Crazy perform with Blowfly on Sat. Jan. 21 at the Village Tavern. Admission is $10 ($8 adv.).

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