Blogs and Podcasts: you know you’ve heard of ’em, and chances are you either have one, have visited one, or have downloaded one recently. Hell, “Podcast” was the New Oxford American Dictionary‘s 2005 Word of the Year.

Charleston, ever a haven for creative types (read: folks that like to lie on the couch/beach/bed until inspiration strikes), has its own little community of plugged-in publishers, and like that dude with the fish tank in your dorm building who never went to class, they’ve got a lot to say — and some of it’s strangely insightful.

So, here’s this week’s dose of the latest, the greatest, and the just plain weird news from the Lowcountry’s blogging and podcasting communities.

• In Which She Vents About the Charleston Streetscaping Project: Microfamous — “In case you’re wondering what a streetscape project sounds like, imagine one of Hell’s demons set loose in a Highly Breakable Objects warehouse with a jackhammer. It sounds something like that, except with four or five Hell’s demons who never take lunch breaks.” (

• Return From the Dead: After almost a month on hiatus, The Nate and Di Show is gearing up for their 70th podcast, due out this week. This duo of married 20-somethings feature everything from comedy bits, sketches, and contests to stories about former vice-presidential candidates (they recently ate lunch with John Edwards. High.) (

• Serving Up the Funny — ’70s Style: Jemima — I found an absolute gem at the end of one of Jemima’s recent posts: Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974. I think the idea was to either make food look so gross you wouldn’t eat it, or make you laugh your ass off while reading the cards so you couldn’t eat it. (

• No Longer Workin’ 9 to 5: Scenes From the Next Whatever — A Charleston podcast featuring a former ad guy (full disclosure: that would be yours truly) and former museum girl who recently quit their jobs to figure out what they want to do when they grow up. Recent topics include the Charleston Comedy Festival, getting hypnotized to quit smoking, and how to avoid being attacked by your extremely drunk nephew. (

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