METAL | Hatebreed
Thurs. Aug. 17
w/ Full Blown Chaos, Threat Signal, Goatwhore
Music Farm
$16, $14 (adv.)

Hardcore/metal band Hatebreed celebrate 10 years in the heavy-duty rock world this summer. The heard-hitting band — singer Jamey Jasta, guitarists Sean Martin and new guy Frank “3 Gun” Novinec, drummer Matt Byrne, and bassist Chris Beattie — take a day off of the current Ozzfest Tour (between gigs in Fla. and N.C.) to make a quick stop in Charleston in support of a new album titled Supremacy, a brutal follow-up to last year’s The Rise of Brutality. “I wanted to get in the right head space, to get back to square one, and to why I started expressing myself through music in the first place,” says frontman Jasta about the new album. “Once Chris and Sean started bringing ideas to the table, and I started arranging songs and reading through the lyrics I had compiled, I got excited again. I wanted to feed off that and the feelings that I had on our first record. I wanted to tap into those good feelings and adrenaline and to express and communicate them over the most intense album we’ve ever made.” —T. Ballard Lesemann THURSDAY

BLUES/SOUL | Miss Wanda Johnson
Fri. Aug. 18 /
Sat. Aug. 19
Freshfields Village /
Mimi’s Creekside

Originally from Anderson, S.C., vocalist Miss Wanda Johnson is a charismatic soul/blues singer with a strong voice. She writes fine original material and possesses a stage charm that can win over any audience. “A lot has been happening for Wanda,” says longtime musical collaborator Gary “Shrimp City Slim” Erwin. “She recently returned from a successful debut at the Pocono Blues Festival in Pennsylvania. Her song ‘I’m Through With You’ is still heard on national TV on the Curves for Women commercial. She has six songs in regular rotation on XM Satellite Radio. She’s the new voice of South Carolina soul and blues.” Johnson’s latest is titled Natural Resource, a full-length follow-up to ’03’s Call Me Miss Wanda. Johnson and Shrimp City Slim play a variety of soul, blues, and boogie on Friday on Johns Island at the Freshfields Village (at the entrance to Kiawah Island) and on Saturday at Mimi’s Creekside on James Island (1241 Harbor View Rd., 795-4090). Both shows start at 6 p.m. —TBL FRIDAY/SATURDAY

NEWGRASS | Steep Canyon Rangers
Sat. Aug. 19
w/ Flatt City
The Pour House

N.C. string band The Steep Canyon Rangers have been putting their own spin on a pile of traditional folk and bluegrass material for a number of years. They return to town for a big show at the Pour House on Saturday behind their latest and most polished effort, a 12-song collection titled One Dime at a Time (on Virginia-based label Rebel Records). Referring to themselves as a “traditional bluegrass outfit,” their blend of country and folk styles is a balance of old and new. Lead singer and acoustic guitarist Woody Platt, mandolinist Mike Guggino, banjo player Graham Sharp, fiddler Nicky Sanders, and double-bass player Charles Humphrey III will share the stage with local bluegrass combo Flatt City. Showtime is 9 p.m. —TBL SATURDAY

OLD-TIMEY | Two Man Gentlemen Band
Sun. Aug. 20
Kudu Coffeehouse

Hailing from the heart of Manhattan, acoustic string duo The Two Man Gentlemen Band —S. Andy Bean and the Councilman — specialize in “up-tempo, original, olde-time two-man music at a reasonable volume.” Armed with acoustic guitars, banjos, fiddles, and kazoos, they’re capable of bouncing through Dixieland and vaudeville classics, funny little ditties, and hilarious, toe-tapping turn-of-the-century tunes. Their latest disc is appropriately titled Great Calamities (Serious Business). Showtime at Kudu (4 Vanderhorst St.) is 4 p.m. Check out for more. —TBL SUNDAY

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