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In response to “No Service, No Smile,” (Letters, Dec. 13) it would seem that if you watch the local news, you would understand why some restaurants would not want to deliver to some areas. It’s not what you call, and I quote, “Fight the racist bigots who hate people.” It’s called common sense. The Charleston area crime rate is far above the national average in murder, rape, robberies, and assaults. Every city from small to large has certain areas in their city that have a high crime rate. That is just the plain facts. If my son or daughter was a delivery person, I would also not allow him/her to go in certain areas. … Maybe you should contact the local media and tell them to stop reporting the crimes in the Charleston area. Maybe then you can get your pizza delivered.

Goose Creek


I’d hate to go to one of Scrooge Graham’s parties. All he’d do is sit around whining about White Guy Victimhood. Which is really all he writes about anyhow. We are not responsible for what happens to us – it’s always the liberals, or the minorities, or the gays, or someone else, which is the most ironic aspect of bozos like Graham … they promote self-determination, yet practice the opposite. At least we can agree on the hope for bipartisanship in the future – not that he or his party has practiced it in the last 12 years. Unfortunately, the home of the real terrorists – Afghanistan – has fading hopes of a viable democracy because Graham and Bush (now so popular that he is rated the worst president of the last six by the American people) have wasted the blood of our children and used the money of our grandchildren to fund a bogus war generated for bogus reasons. (It’s WMDs, Stupid – not Democracy). Ho, ho, ho.

Marvin Gump



I’ll tell you why many of those restaurants won’t deliver to the Crosstown area (“No Service, No Smile,” Letters, Dec. 13). As a female resident, I witness on bike rides and walks during the day many adult males loitering and drinking out of paper bags. They usually call out phrases of a sexual nature or curse loudly as I stroll or ride by. Lord knows what they do after 9 p.m., because I am not hanging around outside to find out. Believe me, I don’t want to see an Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday on every corner, either. Unless the CPD wakes up and begins strictly enforcing the new loitering law, I will continue to make the effort to drink and dine on the lower peninsula after dark.

Carrie McClure


I was struck by Michael Graham’s belief that “if we fight hard enough and smart enough, we can help create a peace…” (“Partisan Holidays,” Views, Dec. 13) This is the kind of illusory, macho thinking that has us bogged down in Iraq. He notes that “Peace is something that free people embrace.” Yes, but not at the point of a gun. As we are seeing all over again with a tragic sense of déja vu, fighting leads to gross loss of life and limb, heartbreak and rage, material and social destruction. Military conflict is not the best or only way to work toward peace. On the contrary, it is the worst way possible.

Michael is a young armchair warrior with some growing up to do. It would enlighten him to read the classic The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane (1895) or March by Geraldine Brooks (2005). In the context of the American Civil War, both novels reveal the timeless stupidity and wastefulness of war. Given the high-tech weapons of mass destruction that exist today, it is imperative that humans learn to solve their differences by diplomatic means as we move deeper into the 21st century. Otherwise, we may not be around to see the next one.

Carol Jules
James Island


Thank you to Stratton Lawrence for his cover story in the Dec. 13 issue (“Barge Over Troubled Water”). It is one of many degrading proceedings by giant businesses, developers, and other state good-old-boys to poison our way of life in S.C. They are destroying our oceans, rivers, marshlands, and habitat without a blink of an eye. South Carolina has always lagged behind in every way. Instead of thinking about taking care of our natural resources, for now and the future, these folks have their pockets wide open. Hopefully, the South Carolinians that care will reach out and help the Friends of Santee-Cooper Lakes core founders. This group and the other dedicated groups throughout South Carolina who are working to protect our environment stand tall in protecting our state. They are the most sincere and honest people one would like to meet.

Barrie B. Bozard
Edisto Island

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