Tuesday night, the

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

returned to the

Village Tavern

with their holiday “On Ice!” show. The act this time included sitcom-like breaks between songs complete with props and a laugh track. Their opening act,

Ching Chong Song

, was also a unique show, with lead singer Julie LaMendola playing the singing saw.

At the Old City Jail on Friday evening, the

College of Charleston’s Annual Cheap Art Auction and Student Exhibit

took place with proceeds benefiting the College’s Visual Arts Club. This event is always a great chance to add some unique pieces to your art collection without breaking your wallet.

On Saturday at


was the

Chord & Pedal

Christmas party. Bands such as

Lindsay Holler and the Hollerettes


The Specs

, and

A Decent Animal

took the stage to play a few holiday tunes. Also that night was

the Have Nots

! Christmas party and show at Theatre 99. Congratulations to Timmy and Rachel Finch on the birth of their baby boy, Cahal!

Sunday night brought the much-anticipated A.C.’s Christmas party. To quote one morning-after partygoer, “One word: OUCH.”

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