With the Democratic Debate heading to Charleston on July 23, the question on everybody’s mind is how to get tickets. The answer from state party chair Carol Fowler can roughly be translated to, “Good luck.” It’s likely going to come down to who you know in the Democratic Party or at the Citadel. Fowler said she’s hopeful that there can be a drawing for some tickets, but details are far from complete.

The expectation is that there will be viewing parties around town, with most of them likely hosted by the campaigns. The party is also organizing an after-party following the debate for attendees, with donations going to the City’s Fireman’s Fund.

The “hook” if you will for this debate is the ability for average Joes to ask the questions, via YouTube submissions. I’ve taken a quick look and I’ve got to tell you that people are getting creative. There’s background music. There’s photos of George Bush. There’s thought-filled questions. And there’s ridiculous mind-numbing stupidity. Wow. It is American.

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