All-American music, food, beverages, horseshoes, and fun. Co-sponsored by Strom Altman Dodge and Ye Olde Music Shop, the First Annual Hanahan Independence Day Picnic is set for Wednesday evening, July 4, from 6-9 p.m. at the picnic area near the ballfields at the recreation complex (3000 Railroad Ave., off of Mabeline Rd.). Ye Olde Music proprietor and electric guitarist Mike Davis’ funk/soul/rock group The Almost Brothers Band are scheduled to perform a variety of tunes. The event is free. The winner of the horseshoe tournament wins a “star-spangled acoustic guitar.” Proceeds from food and beverage sales will benefit the Hanahan Amphitheater Fund. Contact Mike at Ye Olde Music Shop at 747-0014 or the Hanahan Recreation Dept. at 266-0723 for more details.

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