Charleston grad and all around good guy Lane Hudson is back in the news today. Lane, a College of Charleston grad, first popped up last year after uncovering the Mark Foley scandal. Now, it’s a dust up over Bill O’Reily’s web site. The conservative Fox News talker has been critical of some of the extreme comments on a progressive web site. After reading about some threatening comments toward Sen. Hillary Clinton (who, after all, is not only a presidential candidate, but also a First Lady) on O’Reily’s own site, Lane contacted the Secret Service.

The Secret Service, who does an amazing job protecting their subjects, were very professional. The first person I spoke to transferred me to another person. Initially, she dismissed my comments. But, when I read her the comment and suggested that the person could be easily identified, she took me much more seriously. She called back minutes later, asking me to talk to someone else. That agent took the information and said that he would refer it to their Internet team.

Go, Lane, Go!

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