New poll numbers are out from the American Research Group. I was going to do a good/bad analysis, but I’m not terribly sure how accurate these figures are. I ask that because of the numbers for John Edwards, which go from 31 percent in December to 20 percent in February, to 30 percent in May, to 18 percent in July.

That being said, here are the key points of the most recent poll:

• In three months, Fred Thompson has gone from 10 percent to 27 percent. Considering that he’s not officially in the race and some are already predicting his campaign’s demise, it may be fair to rename that 27 percent as “undecided.”

• Barack Obama moves in to the lead among Dems, with 33 percent as Hillary Clinton falls to 29 percent.

• Likely an indication that we’re still too far ahead of this thing, no one in the GOP camp is seeing traction in the polls. Giuliani is maintaining a lead and Romney is still hovering between 5 percent and 10 percent.

• John McCain’s support has fallen from 35 percent six months ago to 10 percent today. One has to wonder if all of those high-profile supporters in the legislature are questioning their early endorsements.

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