Fred Thompson isn’t even in the race yet (officially), but abortion foes are already attacking him. Columbia Christians for Life sent out a message today noting a Sean Hannity interview with Thompson where he asks the candidate’s view on abortion.

“I would not be and never have been for a law that says, on the state level, if I were back in Tennessee voting on this, for example, that if they chose to criminalize a young woman, …”

That’s the comment the Columbia group highlights. It’s confusing and incomplete because Hannity interrupted Thompson (I know, big shock). But what the group ignores is the first part of Thompsons’s comments.

“I always thought Roe v. Wade was the wrong decision,” Thompson said. “It was a matter that should go back to the states.”

No, Thompson isn’t against abortion. He’s against the federal government requiring that states allow abortion. I’m at a loss over what these people are complaining about. The most that conservatives can hope for is that the courts grant states the right to make decisions about abortions.

But, by all means, keep complaining, stay home on election day, and watch a Democrat walk into the White House and appoint judges that support Roe v. Wade.

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