When was the last time a Mt. Pleasant band was placed on a Rolling Stone “Hot List?” Indie-rock trio Band of Horses — comprised of three current East Cooper residents, Ben Bridwell, Rob Hampton, and Creighton Barrett — are set to release their third album this fall. Cease to Begin, officially due on Oct. 9 on Sub Pop Records, is a highly anticipated, 10-song follow-up to last year’s Everything All The Time. Producer Phil Ek returned to the mixing board this time around. The Horses take off on an extensive North American tour in October with performances on Late Show with David Letterman (on Thurs. Oct. 18) and Late Night with Conan O’Brien (on Mon. Nov. 5). A few Carolina dates are in the works, although there’s no Charleston gig confirmed quite yet. “The songs on Cease to Begin are strikingly beautiful, if less elliptical and more straightforward than those of its predecessor,” Sub Pop wrote in a recent news release. Visit for more.


In a massive transaction that started last November, shareholders of broadcasting megacompany Clear Channel Communications approved a $19.5 billion takeover offer from two groups of investors on Sept. 25. Clear Channel recently sold off its TV stations and is selling more than 400 radio stations. The station will be left with an interest in the outdoor advertising business and about 675 radio stations. Clear Channel Radio in Charleston operates six radio stations including WALC (The Drive at 100.5 FM), WXLY (Y-102.5 FM), WEZL (103.5 FM), WRFQ (Q-104.5 FM), WSCC (News Radio 94.3 FM) and WLTQ (AM 730). Very little about the transaction is available at


British rock band The Cult — best known for their radio hits “She Sells Sanctuary,” “Fire Woman,” and “Love Removal Machine” — headline this year’s Jägermeister Music Tour. They make a stop in Charleston at The Plex on Sat. Nov. 3 with support from Vietnam and Action Action. The tour coincides with the release of The Cult’s forthcoming release, Born Into This, due Oct. 2 on Roadrunner Records. It’s the band’s first new studio album since 2001. Singer Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy will be joined by drummer John Tempesta (of Testament and White Zombie), guitarist Mike Dimkitch, and bassist Chris Wyse. Check and for more. —T. Ballard Lesemann

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