My editor pointed me to this New York Times piece over the weekend. The reporter stopped by a South Carolina beauty shop to ask the ladies what they thought of the Dem candidates. Interesting perspectives abound. Beauty shop owner Clara Vereen says she’d like to see Barack Obama as president, but she’s got to be “real.”

“I fear that they just would kill him, that he wouldn’t even have a chance,” she said as she styled a customer’s hair with a curling iron. One way to protect him, she suggested, would be not to vote for him.

Hillary doesn’t do much better with Clara.

“A man is supposed to be the head,” she said. “I feel like the Lord has put man first, and I believe in the Bible.”

If I was Rudy McRomney, I wouldn’t start getting excited at the potential for untapped voters. These women will certainly vote for Barack or Hillary. The question will be which concern wins, the historical slaying of civil rights leaders or the biblical proclamation to get thee to the kitchen.

Black women, Dr. Adolphus G. Belk Jr. said, are divided equally between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton, and significantly, perhaps a third are undecided.

“They stand at the intersection of race, class and gender,” he said. “Black men say to them, ‘Sister, are you with us?’ and at the same time white women say, ‘Sister, are you with us?’”

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