Last year, Mitt Romney’s camp was crying foul at phone calls polling voters that were allegedly efforts to smear him. Now, word comes out of last minute fliers in New Hampshire targeting Catholics that claim John McCain is the candidate for them, while highlighting negative points of Mitt Romney’s take on several topics.

The problem is that, while each is an example of negative advertising, it in no way compares to the political carcasses left in South Carolina following any given election. From what I could read of the flier, much like the phone survey, it appears to address genuine (though possibly not valid) concerns some voters have about Romney. As opposed to the last minute calls to voters in South Carolina in 2000 with entirely fabricated assertions about McCain (including an allusion to him having fathered a black baby).

While we have just a few more hours of amateur hour, the real muck should start flying as the polls close tomorrow.

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