Former Sanford spokesman Will Folks weighs in on the latest campaign controversy — the whole “pimping out” Chelsea thing.

Hillary knows this guy wasn’t implying that her daugher was out working a Vegas streetcorner for campaign funds, and she knows most of you know that, too.

But there are plenty of stupid people out there, and plenty more people who aren’t stupid but for whatever reason seem to enjoy being treated that way.

And so we end up with yet another manufactured scandal built around calculated contempt and poll-driven outrage – all of it based on a remark that when you get right down to it is only offensive because we live in a country that’s so desperate to be offended.

Folk’s intro to that post is pretty hilarious, so be sure to visit

I’m not sure how this would work, but Rep. Chip Limehouse is proposing that a state run Bureau of Consumer Safety would search shipments coming into the state. Are drugs the target? Radioactive materials? Bootleg DVDs of Song of the South? Nope. Instead, the BCS will search for things like tainted toothpaste and lead-paint covered children’s toys. (Seriously how do you determine that? Do you hand a suspicious brand of toothpaste to, let’s say, a group of Ron Paul supporters to brush their teeth and see if one of them starts, you know, spewing blood. Do you hand a bunch of Transfarmers to a pair of two-year-old twins, let’em gnaw a bit, and then run an IQ test to see if their scores drop? I just don’t get it. That said, Limehouse has high hopes for his bill, and apparently, a high opinion of himself:

“Hopefully, my legislation is going to raise eyebrows in Beijing and Washington, and they are going to realize we are not going to sit back and take what comes our way,” he said.

Once again, The Post and Courier unleashes a stellar Sunday cover story. This time on two Wando students who have been sentenced to prison for 10 years for armed robbery. An intriguing read. Here’s an excerpt:

Shari relates to Mike. She is from an interracial marriage and struggled growing up in two cultures. She also was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, trauma that comes rushing back one evening when she dozes off while Jim runs an errand. When he returns, she is frantic. She tells him she awoke to see a figure standing over her. It was Mike, she tells him, looming over her naked. He tried to pry her legs apart. She struggled until he gave up, she explains.

They immediately place Mike in counseling. A therapist says Mike is confused about his sexuality because of what he’d seen as a child.

The counseling seems to help. Mike graduates from eighth grade. He plays soccer and his grades improve.

But in 2005, as therapists delve deeper into the underlying issues behind his behavior, Mike acts out.

He runs away from home, skips practice and is caught drinking and smoking marijuana.

He disappears for days at a time. After one long search, police find Mike in the garage asleep in the back seat of the family car.

As Mike’s behavior worsens, the therapist tells Jim and Shari to hide all their kitchen knives. They sleep with a bat under the bed.

The Greenville News has a report on Lindsey Graham and his opponents in the 2008 Senate. As usual, no mention is made of Graham opponent Buddy Witherspoon’s previous membership in the Council of Conservative Citizens.

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