Cutting out meat once a week doesn’t have to be penance. It can be part of a more conscious, sustainable approach to living. It can also be delicious, particularly if you’re dining on a three-course vegetarian dinner at Charleston Grill.

Executive Chef Michelle Weaver is all about helping her veggie-loving fans kick off the New Year right and is taking part in the national Meatless Monday campaign. Johns Hopkins resurrected the movement in hopes of cutting meat consumption by 15 percent. Meatless Mondays were first instituted during World War I by Herbert Hoover, who was head of the Food Administration. In one week in 1917, Meatless Monday saved 116 tons of meat. (Can you imagine how much meat we could save in America if we simply stopped eating burgers for one day?)

Weaver says she was interested in becoming a part of the movement and knows that she has a clientele that loves vegetables. In the fall, she hosted Vegstock, a vegetarian wine dinner, and had an overwhelmingly positive response. “I wanted to do something for them, and for anybody who’s interested in taking meat out of their diet once a week.”

Tonight at Charleston Grill you can feast on roasted beets with a blood orange vinaigrette and sheep’s milk feta followed by a cauliflower steak entrée. Weaver describes it as a vegetarian spin on the classic Country Captain dish, with a touch of coconut and curry flavors, served over basmati rice with roasted peanuts. For dessert, pastry chef Emily Cookson is serving an apple crisp made from gala apples and whole wheat flour and served with a golden raisin puree and caraway cream.

The three-course menu costs $30. For reservations, call (843) 577-4522.

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