The GOP has finally found it’s candidate.

And that man is Herman Cain.

Yes, yes, I know, the internets are blowing up right now over the news that a Georgia businesswoman has come forward with claims that she had a a 13-year-long relationship with the one-time GOP frontrunner.

And all the pundits are discussing how Cain’s unequivocal denial is in stark contrast to the non-denial issued by his lawyer.

Some GOP pundits are even toying with a bizarre bit of spin, one that says that the Republican voters had already begun to turn against the Cain campaign well before this allegation — and before the previous allegations of sexual misconduct. According to the new spin, GOPers were turned off by Herman’s 9-9-9 plan, namely the national sales tax. Oy vey.

But unlike many others, I don’t think Cain’s campaign is done for. In fact, I think this is a turning point for him, one that will take him from his recent unpleasantness all the way to the White House. The way I see it, if he somehow manages to survive this intact, nothing else can come out that can damage him.

We may learn that he divorced his wife while she was fighting cancer.

Or that he wears funny, magical underwear.

Or that he, gasp, was appointed to an ambassadorship by Barack Obama.

The horror, the horror.

But, barring an allegation that Cain abused children or raised dog-fighting pitbulls, there is literally nothing else that we can learn about him that will tarnish his reputation. He will be nigh invincible. And his victory against Obama will be all but assured.

Here’s Cain on CNN responding to the allegations:

YouTube video

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