The Reformed Whores are a musical comedy duo from New York City with a penchant for sunny ukulele melodies and foul-mouthed lyrics. A sampling of song titles from their debut album Ladies Don’t Spit: “Girl Crush,” “Southern Cumfort,” “Now That’s a Mouthful” … you can see where this is going.

We talked to band members Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson about life on the open road, cleaning up their whorin’ ways, and Lorena Bobbit, the lady who got famous in the ’90s for cutting off her husband’s penis.

City Paper: I’ve heard that the two of you are experts on drunk-dialing. Any pointers for newcomers?

Katy: Are we ever! Let me tell ya, whatever you do, don’t accidentally drunk dial your dad. Trust me, it doesn’t end well.

Marie: I just keep my phone locked up in my chastity belt … on vibrate.

CP: You guys tend to play instruments like ukuleles and accordions in concert. Have you given any thought to changing it up and forming a rock and roll band?

Katy: Totally! I figure if I can just get some good tuba riffs going, then we can start doing some pretty sweet Alice in Chains covers.Marie: I used to be in a heavy metal band before I met Katy, but I prefer petticoats over mohawks and chains any day. Easier to get through airport security.

CP: Who are your heroes, in life and in music?

Marie: Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé! She seems to be one smart businesswoman who never whores herself out to get what she wants. My motto is WWBD. It helps me keep my eye on the prize. What’s the prize, you might ask? To have a Reformed Whores empire and play stadium tours around the world! Yee-haw!

Katy: I’m really impressed with Lorena Bobbit’s work. Oh wait, sorry, not Lorena Bobbit! I meant Loretta Lynn. Ha ha, silly me! I always get those two confused. I’m also inspired by Ms. Dolly Parton and the lovely June Carter. Oh, and also Lorena Bobbit!

CP: How’s life on the road? Are you two still good friends?

Marie: Touring is tough and sometimes we need space, but thankfully Katy loves to be tied to the roof of the car.

Katy: I like to feel the wind in my hair!

Marie: When she’s not on the roof, Katy does a lot of the driving.

Katy: And Marie does a lot of screaming in terror. I love practicing my driving all across the country! I drove on a sidewalk in San Francisco, I hit a fire hydrant in Austin, and I sideswiped a car in Philadelphia. I’m really getting much better.

CP: You’ve said that you got into the music business to clean up your old whorin’ ways. Are you making progress on that front?

Marie: I haven’t done it for money in 48 hours, so I’m doing pretty darn good!

Katy: Honestly, the whorin’ business ain’t too different from the music business. We still get paid to perform, but now we do it standing up!

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