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SLED is investigating another data breach within a state agency, this time after a state Dept. of Employment and Workforce supposedly downloaded 4,658 peoples’ personal information from a state system. [AP]

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said he conducted some under-the-radar first-hand research by picking up a few low-wage jobs in preparing a new set of proposals he’s saying are part of his “opportunity agenda.” [P&C]

While Scott was working tables at California Dreaming, his counterpart, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, was named one of the “Sexiest Bachelors of Congress” by curator of the Internet,

Republican state Rep. Andy Patrick from Beaufort says he’ll run for state superintendent, becoming the second Republican to join the GOP field to replace sitting schools chief Mick Zais, who isn’t seeking re-election. [P&C, AP]

The night after holding a press conference addressing ethics charges against him going to a grand jury and challenging the state to release files on his investigation, House Speaker Bobby Harrell spent the night in the hospital, suffering from a respiratory illness, he says. Harrell has maintained that he won’t release campaign files he’s kept under wraps, preferring to “let the facts speak for themselves.” [AP, The Nerve]

The Little Trumpster, Donald Trump, Jr., is a minority investor in the company that’s emerged as the buyer for the former Naval Hospital in North Charleston, and an adjacent tract formerly home to a shopping center. [AP, P&C]

Berkeley County schools have notified the parents of more than 1,700 students at Stratford High that a student there recently contracted tuberculosis, advising students who may have come in contact with the person to be tested. [P&C]

Owners of the PuckerButt Pepper Co. say they’ve been swamped in response to their Carolina Reaper chili pepper being named the world’s hottest. [Rock Hill Herald]

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