Every time we here at the City Paper write about an injustice to members of the black community, the backlash from the I’m-not-racist-but crowd is quick and forceful, as they blanket our comments sections with temper-tantrum tirades. And it’s even worse when a young black man is killed under questionable circumstances.

For these allegedly colorblind naysayers, it’s inconceivable that a police department, much less a single police officer, could be biased against young black men — a rather strangely hypocritical stance considering that many of these I’m-not-racists believe there is a coordinated conspiracy on the part of the federal government, the gay rights lobby, textbook manufacturers, and the liberal media to marginalize, if not eliminate, them entirely. After all, what are those FEMA coffins for?

But that’s neither here nor there. What’s most remarkable about the bobby-white-knighters is their furious insistence that that the black community as a whole is responsible for the criminal behavior of a select few young black men. More specifically, they are flabbergasted that the NACCP refuses to address this problem. 

Here’s a taste of what we here at the City Paper have come to expect:

“NAACP on Denzel Curnell investigation: ‘Silence is not golden’,” June 26, 2014

NAACP needs to teach the brothers, “Thou shall not kill.” Too many young black males apparently have no regard for human life. Yes, police can be slow to release details when they are still investigating a possible crime. Someone lying on the ground with a gun nearby. Cop not knowing how many shooters might be involved might certainly want to be ready to protect himself, just in case. Condolences to the family and friends and may justice prevail, regardless of what went down.

The most racist organization in Charleston. NAACP look at yourselves, you are literally standing on the sidelines blaming everyone else while the black community kills itself.

For someone who supposedly wants to advance the interests of “colored”/black people, why are [Dot Scott] and her organization TOTALLY SILENT on the high amount of blacks killed by other blacks in our area? Aggressively and effectively dealing with that issue would advance the black population of the Charleston area greatly.

The only logical conclusion is that her goals are not aligned with aiding or advancing the black population of the Charleston area.

“How one officer’s aggression led to the death of 19-year-old Denzel Curnell,” July 16, 2014

You know, with all this media attention being given to this case the media has managed to skirt the issue of violence in the black community yet again. It seems there was a home invasion this past weekend in which, a young black female, mother and soon to be bride was killed when she was shot multiple times. A male in the home was also wounded by gunfire. Has the NAACP spoken out about that? Nope. Have they or the media spoken out about the murder of black convict Samuel Coardes by black drug dealer Tyrone Penn? Nope. Just two of way too many examples of the black on black violence in this city.

Police, in general, view a young black male more suspiciously. A white law enforcement acquaintance of mine was asked by a black officer, while standing in a detention center, why white men feel so threatened by black men. His answer? “Look around you”. The detention center is filled exponentially higher with young black men. For performing the majority of violent crimes in this area.
Is that fair to those black men who are upstanding citizens that have never performed a crime in their life? Of course not. But just as a woman walking down a dark street will feel more threatened by a male approaching her (males rape and also rob more often than women so that is pure self preservation), so will someone/anyone feel more threatened by a young black male. And much more so if he is dressed and acting in the typical guise of a “thug”.

When the violent crime stops, when the thug culture stops, so will the stereotype and fear.

No matter how much diversity and sensitivity training you provide officers, you cannot change the fact that when they go out on the street to do their jobs, the majority of their calls come from predominantly black neighborhoods. You cannot change that the majority of violent crimes we hear in the local news involves young black men mainly from North Charleston. Those are facts.

If the officer is in a predominantly high crime neighborhood he is more likely to act more aggressively when approaching someone acting suspiciously then if he were in a middle class neighborhood where they rarely receive any calls and people are off the streets by 10. No matter what training you receive, if you approach someone who looks, acts, and is in the vicinity of 10 previous arrests you’ve made where they were committing a crime and responded with disrespect and violence, then you will expect the same in this situation – or at the very least, be prepared for it. That’s pure self preservation. It may be a sad state of affairs, but you can’t just say to officers “stop doing that.”

The change MUST occur with the black community in these neighborhoods standing up and saying enough is enough with the violence, lawlessness, low education, hopelessness, and young, unmarried women having children. Will they have to fight up an uphill battle with police? Possibly, at least for a time, until they can prove themselves decent, law-abiding and respectful citizens. But then the tide will turn.

“Surveillance footage shows shooting of Marley Lion,” June 19, 2012

There are a lot of us who are getting sick of black crime and we are not going to take it anymore. If the DOJ wont do their job and blatantly continue to hold Whites to lesser status under the law, if judges continue to let these criminals back out onto the streets, if police departments refuse to profile and get these criminals off the streets, if the cultural marxist liberals keep enabling and pushing the anti-White sentiments which fuel black crime, then there is no recourse but to arm and protect ourselves and our own.

We really don’t need to dig too deep to understand why this particular demographic is in socio-economic free fall!! It comes down to this, they are being raised by parents who procreate and give birth without having the education and work needed to finacially support their children! They give birth over and over again while the government gives them free money!! They are raised to be free-loading sponges. They are taught to steal. They are taught to be lazy! If you want a freaking Nissan Pathfinder, Apple laptop or guitar, finish school and get a God d***ed JOB and buy your own!!! Don’t steal from those of us who have worked for what we have. And definitely don’t murder to acquire what you are too lazy to work for!!!

And where is the media outrage? Where are the race pimps, Jesse and Al? Where is the anger from Spike Lee? Where are the bounties on the heads of the worthless black thugs who did this? You mean Obama isn’t going to make a statement that Marley could have been his son? Come on people, it’s time to take hold of this and turn the tables. We, white people, have got to start getting angry. What’s good for the black goose, do it. As for you liberal jugheads who are going to call me a racist and call me a moron, sorry, but your liberal white guilt and your race cards don’t work here! Go sell your crazy somewhere else!

Looks like there’s some North American Pavement Apes who need to be swinging from the nearest tree. With ropes around their necks.

Stupid ass niggers they need to be wiped off the planet to ensure the safety of everyone else.

Hmm. Safety eh. Well, I don’t know about you, but if the past two weeks in the Lowcountry are any indication, that same philosophy could easily apply to cracker ass crackers. I don’t know if you’ve read the reports or not, but we’re in the middle of a white crime spree. 

For starters, let’s consider the case of former USC fullback James Hutton. He assaulted a Bluffton man on King Street, fracturing the victim’s skull. Reports indicate the allegedly unprovoked assault could have been fatal. After all, a similar sucker punch on King, ended with the death of Clint Seymour. Like the Hutton, the assailant, Dalton Clarke, was white, as was the victim.

Then there’s Michael Stephens, who was arrested on Saturday for DUI and leaving the scene of the crime. The victim in that incident died. Like Hutton and Clarke, Stephens is white.

Stephens wasn’t the only person recently involved in a fatal drunk driving wreck. There’s James Munn, who was charged with a felony DUI. Like Hutton, Clarke, and Stephens, Munn is white.

And how could we forget about Edward Jones, a captain in the Charleston Fire Department who pleaded guilty in a plot to kill his wife. Like Hutton, Clarke, Stephens, and Munn, Jones is white.

We’ve also been hit by a rash of alleged meth-making mayhem. Two weeks ago, Berkley County Sheriff’s deputies arrested four people — Mark Johnson, Gina Stock, Russell Thomas, and Joshua Talbert — and charged them with manufacturing and possessing crystal meth. Like Hutton, Clarke, Stephens, Munn, and Jones, Johnson, Stock, Thomas, and Talbert are white.

And the Berkley quartet aren’t the only Lowcountry residents in an alleged meth lab bust. There’s also Wendy Mcallister, Michael Foiles, and Stacy R. Hall. Like Hutton, Clarke, Stephens, Munn, Jones, Johnson, Stock, Thomas, and Talbert, Mcallister, Foiles, and Hall are white.

The list goes on.

We have an alleged arsonist, a Chamber of Commerce member who allegedly forced a juvenile to perform oral sex on him, a man who allegedly solicited a minor, a man who allegedly downloaded kiddie porn and had plans to have sex with a minor, alleged thieves, three alleged pot growers, a women charged with prescription drug fraud, an alleged attempted murderer, an alleged gun-firing road rager, and a man who reportedly got naked in front of an open hotel window and apparently had a collection of condom-covered carrots. All were white.

So where’s the outrage, my cracker ass cracker friends? Where’s the finger-pointing? Either apply the same standards to your own community as you do the black community or shut the fuck up.

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