It’s official, City Paper‘s staff is now, quite literally, in hog heaven. Home Team BBQ owner Aaron Siegel has announced that his financing for a downtown HTB have gone through for a new location at 126 Williman St. (a block from our office). 

“We have been working on expanding our locations for some time and have always wanted to be downtown,” Siegel says. “The area is nicely developing around us, and we are ecstatic to be part of growing this area of town. Now our diners can come downtown, right off I-26 and the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, for the things they have come to love at Home Team BBQ and then experience some new and exciting additions to the menu. We cannot wait to open and look forward to bringing our food to downtown.”

Dan Sweeney of Stumphouse Architecture will be designing the 4,500-square-foot space featuring indoor and outdoor seating. A 50-foot bar will serve over 100 specialty bourbons and whiskeys. Chef Taylor Garrigan will oversee the menu with Chef Courtney Tomer handling day to day operations.

And perhaps best of all, the new location will continue Home Team’s tradition of live regional and national entertainment. Which means acts like the legendary Drink Small — who plays Home Team West Ashley this Saturday — could make a peninsula appearance next year. Fingers crossed.

Siegel says the plan is to have Home Team BBQ downtown open by Labor Day 2015. 

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