Welcome, lovers of local music. The City Paper Music Awards are back for more, and this time we’ve made a few changes. Since the Holy City has plenty of both metal and punk bands to go around, we separated that one-time punk/metal category into two awards this year. And because of the growing number of legit studios and kickass producers around town, we also added a brand new category for Producer/Studio of the Year.

Thanks to the many folks out there who not only cast their CPMA votes in categories new and old, but who also supported the local music scene this past year by showing up at venues, buying music and merch, and sharing your love on the interwebs. Special shoutout to all who are doing their part to ensure Charleston has a diverse scene, where all members of this community are treated fairly and adored equally. We can’t wait to celebrate that diversity with you at the CPMA party and winners’ showcase on Mon. Nov. 14 at the Pour House, where nearly 50 local musicians will perform, juxtaposing jazz with metal, jam with hip-hop, folk with reggae, and more. —Kelly Rae Smith