I first heard about our cover author, Signe Pike, from a coworker, who mentioned Pike’s memoir, Faery Tale, in passing. Pike wrote Faery Tale as a way of coping with her father’s death — she undertook a journey of discovery, of herself, of course, but of something so much larger. She went out seeking magic. Traveling through England, Ireland, and Scotland Pike sought out the stories of faeries — and the people who still believed in them. Pike’s journey, which eventually led to the discovery of texts that would inspire her first novel, The Lost Queen, inspires me to no end. As an arts editor in a city full to the brim with artists, makers, creators — hell even ‘influencers’ — I too am constantly on a journey. I seek out people who create meaningful work. I seek out stories. I seek out the underdogs, the go-getters, the under-the-radar badasses. And if you look around, you’ll see that Charleston is home to so much magic. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and dive in — I have no doubt you’ll leave feeling just a little bit more enchanted. —Connelly Hardaway