Democratic candidate for governor Marguerite Willis wasted no time letting people know what she thinks of President Trump in a campaign ad released Tuesday.

The 30-second spot begins thusly:

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is a racist. He’s a horrible racist. He’s the worst kind of racist, which is a racist who pretends he isn’t a racist.”

Willis goes on to condemn racist and misogynistic comments by President Trump and makes a connection between the president and the S.C. gubernatorial candidates who support him.

“We don’t need any racist or sexist or any person else who doesn’t believe that everyone is a person of dignity running our country or our state,” Willis added.

The Florence antitrust attorney is one of two women running for governor, along with Trump supporter (and occasional imitator) Catherine Templeton in the GOP primary.

Gov. Henry McMaster is also an ardent supporter of President Trump and has emphasized his allegiance to “45” in a recent campaign ad.

“We finally have a president in the White House who believes in the people of our country — creating good-paying jobs and giving opportunity to people everywhere,” McMaster said in an ad released last month. “We must do the same in South Carolina.”

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