Blotter o’ the Week: Police responded to a call about possible human remains found in a Dumpster behind a Johns Island grocery store. The lifelike figure was later confirmed to be a convincing mannequin.

Policing 101: “At first he tried to pull away from me, but after a short tussle he complied.”

Someone stole two $500 bikes from a James Island man who left his garage door open overnight.

A West Ashley woman survived some multi-platform harassment when a conversation that moved from Whisper to Kik to Snapchat turned sour after her anonymous chat companion promised to stop threatening her in exchange for nudes. Photos taken with an in-app camera reveal the harasser to be a brunette with brown eyes and average build. When the victim’s photos weren’t to this unknown woman’s liking, the anonymous woman threatened to blow them up and post them near her parents’ house.

If you lost your iPhone at Waterfront Park, contact the police.

According to CPD’s Urban Dictionary, the Whisper app is “an anonymous message board that only has your gender and age with no usernames.”

A man entered a West Ashley Waffle House through the back, stole $4,000 in cash that was hidden in a Crown Royal bag inside of an employee’s purse, and escaped in a getaway Mercury or Buick, based on surveillance footage.

One man’s $144 shoplifting spree at a West Ashley department store wouldn’t have made this section if it weren’t for his need to procure season nine of Fox’s Bones on DVD by any means necessary.

A former employee at a West Ashley department store left the cash register short by $948, $732, and $785 on three different days. She was fired for poor attendance two days before a loss prevention officer noticed the embezzlement.

A West Ashley woman believes that her neighbor caused the seven cracks discovered in the wood panels of her recently installed, $4,000 fence.

Someone broke into a Mustang parked downtown by cutting into the convertible top where it borders the rear-view window. Interestingly enough, nothing appeared to be missing from the car.

A man broke into a downtown condo in the middle of the night using a spare key that was left outside. The woman who lives there noticed him standing at the foot of her bed and shouted, “What the fuck,” causing him to run out of the house immediately. The woman later noticed she was missing two pairs of panties. She also found a stray bra laying on the left side of her bed.

Someone’s Fourth of July barbecue was sabotaged when the shopping cart he was trying to steal was taken away by an employee. It contained two 24-packs of Budweiser, one 24-pack of Bud Light, two bags of hamburger buns, two wine cases, and one bag of charcoal.

During a traffic stop, the driver of a moped hung his head, breathed heavily, and admitted, “There’s a crack rock in my pocket,” painting a very vivid picture of the phrase “rock bottom.”

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