Blotter o’ the week: A man’s ex-girlfriend has been calling him repeatedly at work, where he can’t block her number. In one of the calls, she said that she knows what he’s buying with his debit card. According to a police report, she’s also been harassing him through “personal contact, with emails, and the Bumble dating app.”

A microwave and an oven/microwave combo were stolen from two buildings under construction on Johns Island. Total value: $4,336.

During a DUI stop, a man initially told an officer that he hadn’t had anything to drink since the prior morning. He changed that to multiple beers that same morning, and later admitted to drinking “all there was.”

Someone broke into a James Island seafood restaurant and stole a safe that was bolted to the ground in the manager’s office. It contained $846 in cash, an iPad, and a block of gift cards.

A man was slapped with a citation for riding a skateboard on King Street, which is illegal in and of itself, while hanging on to the rear bumper of a moving Toyota.

A woman told an officer that she lost a $7,000 necklace somewhere on King Street. After she posted about the item on Craigslist, a man called her and said he bought it from someone at a gas station in Charleston for $130.

Someone stole all four tires and rims off of two 2019 Range Rovers at a West Ashley dealership. One of the SUVs also had its rear window smashed. Total damage: $25,300.

A woman left her car parked at a friend’s apartment complex. When she returned to pick it up, someone had punctured all four tires and smothered it in white paint.

A man said that the homeless friend he occasionally helps out with money and a place to stay stole $40 in cash from his home.

A woman had her iPhone 6 stolen from a charging station in a waiting room at a downtown hospital.

A woman told a drug store manager that she had “just left the heartland and that she had a friend at MUSC who only had six days to live.” She later filled up a cart with flowers, detergent, diapers, and a balloon, left the store without paying, and drove off. Total loss: $118.54.

A man dropped a clear plastic baggie from the window of his car as an officer tried to stop him for an expired decal. The driver later told the officer, “Y’all know that was six grams,” and, “I shouldn’t have dropped that out the window, you wouldn’t have had a reason to search the car.”

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