So, there’s a potential hurricane. Now is the time to keep your eye on the news and start making a plan in case the storm makes landfall. 

Before you start planning your hurricane party, here are some things to keep in mind as we wait:

1) Listen to the experts
Just because you got through the last one safely, doesn’t mean this one will be the same. Every storm is different, each as unpredictable as the last. Officials have dealt with storms before and protocol is in place to keep everybody safe. So leave it to the experts and follow safety and evacuation orders.

2) Use social media wisely
A lot of people get their news through social media nowadays but the feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not presented in chronological order. Be sure to check the time stamp to make sure you are getting the most recent updates. It’s generally important to avoid misleading news, but especially important in emergency situations. We have made a Twitter list of our most trusted sources that you may want to save for later use.

3) Prepare now
Going into a storm without the proper emergency supplies is not just uncomfortable, it is life-threatening. Don’t wait until the grocery stores are running out of water and bread to prepare. Batteries, flashlights, canned goods, water, and first aid kits are a great start, but for an extensive report on how to prepare and deal with hurricanes check out the Charleston County hurricane preparedness guide. For those with a generator, refresh your memory on how to use it properly and safely before the power goes out. If you have pets, it’s important to take the proper steps in keeping them safe as well.

4) Don’t panic
Systems are in place to alert the community of possible weather emergencies well before they become dangerous. Once again, listen to the experts, and don’t jump on highway 26 the moment a state of emergency is declared. If you listened to step 3, then you should already have your emergency kit and there’s no need to run to the grocery store. Panic will only cause more stress on yourself and your family, rather than prepare you for the storm ahead.

5) Find a hurricane buddy
Some of us can turn to our family during weather emergencies, but for those who can’t, it is important to find a friend. Whether you need a ride out of town or a place to stay, talk with your friends, roommates, or coworkers about what you will do in a weather emergency. Trying to figure this all out right before a hurricane can be stressful and may put you in an uncomfortable situation. If you’re new to town and nervous about asking someone to be your hurricane buddy, don’t be shy; we deal with this a lot.

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