The Gaillard Center will begin hosting a free virtual series called Lowcountry Listens on June 3 featuring local artists such as Grace Joyner and Will Blackburn. Each performance will be recorded on the Gaillard Center's stage and will air online on their website, Facebook and YouTube.

Videos will contain a short interview and three to four songs, a spokesperson told the City Paper. Lowcountry Listens will run for five consecutive weeks:

June 3 — Violinist Daniel D., DJ Calculations Of and keyboardist Beatman Fresh (Shelton Desaussure)
June 10 — Brendan James
June 17 — She Returns From War
June 24 — Grace Joyner
July 1 — Will Blackburn

The series is slated to be five weeks long, but could be extended depending on financial support.

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