Mia Naome

[embed-1] After making a splash in the local scene with a sound inspired by ‘90s pop, R&B five-piece Cry Baby is trying to conquer '90s hip-hop on their latest single, "1991."

While the band points to Will Smith and Coolio as the inspirations for the glitzy funk track, it’s heavy on the house party vibes. “We gonna party like it’s 1991,” the band excitedly chants in the chorus.

“As a band we love to explore different areas of pop/r&b music, which is showcased on our future full length,” said bassist Joey Haines. “‘1991’ really pushed us as we stepped into the realm of hip-hop even featuring a rap verse.” The music video for the track is all about matching the fun aesthetic of the song.

According to Haines, that “naturally” led the band to put on costumes similar to what boy bands would wear. In this case, it’s spacesuits. The video culminates in the band finding a downed spaceship and partying on it, which is exactly how you should have expected it to end. 

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