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The 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championships’ panel of judges announced its list of winners last week, and three Charleston area breweries took home medals: Commonhouse Aleworks, Holy City Brewing and Revelry Brewing. Judges in Atlanta; Oxford, Ohio; and Welland, Ontario, evaluated approximately 140 styles and 6,000 total beers to select the winners.

Revelry Brewing’s Hotel Rendezvous won a silver medal in the German wheat category | Revelry Brewing Instagram

Holy City Brewing’s Washout Wheat won a gold medal in the German hefeweizen category, Revelry Brewing’s Hotel Rendezvous took home silver for German wheat and Park Circle’s Commonhouse Aleworks was awarded two medals — gold for its session IPA, Local Lo Cal, and bronze for Looking East, a West Coast IPA. 

“We could not be more proud of our brew team for winning medals in two IPA categories,” a Commonhouse Aleworks spokesperson said. “Bronze for Looking East IPA is an incredible accomplishment given how competitive the West Coast IPA category is each year. Gold for Local Lo Cal IPA in the session IPA category, a beer which the team worked incredibly hard on to maintain flavor while coming in at 100 calories, blew us all away.”

The competition, which calls itself “one of the top three beer competitions in the U.S.A.,” had a category naming the top 10 breweries in the country, and the list featured establishments in Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington. There was even a category for best beer names — the top 10 included inventive monikers like Arrowmatic DIPA, I Don’t Give a Schnitzel Oktoberfest and Straight Kick to the Scotch Ale.

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