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After ending a 13-year run on James Island in June, Smoky Oak Taproom will reopen as a breakfast and lunch restaurant named Dill’s & Camp Sundries, according to Rich Agius, who co-owns Black Sheep Hospitality, which has restaurants like Garage 75 and Zeppelin Pizza Co. under its umbrella. And speaking of Zeppelin, the popular Johns Island eatery will add another location on James Island at 1175 Folly Road, Agius told the City Paper. 

At Dill’s & Camp Sundries, Agius hopes to create a Southern breakfast destination after the group gutted the whole restaurant before repurposing the space to fit the new concept. 

“It just felt like the price is getting so high to operate a barbecue restaurant. We’ll still use our smoker, so we’re going to incorporate our smoked food into breakfasts,” said Agius, describing dishes like a smoked pork chop and brisket hash brown skillet as items that will be on the menu at Dill’s & Camp Sundries, which he hopes to open Sept. 1. 

Agius is also gearing up to debut Zeppelin’s second location in the James Island space previously occupied by Kickin’ Chicken. Look for salads, subs and pizzas along with entrees made specifically for the James Island location, Agius said.

“Basically, we’re going to mimic what we do [on Johns Island], and this one we’re going to have dinner options,” he said. “We’re going to try to turn that into a restaurant as well, and not just a pizza pick-up joint.”

Zeppelin Pizza Co. James Island will open in late September, Agius said. 

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