Name: Tony Fogle
Party: Nonpartisan
Office: Charleston City Council, District 1 (special election)


1. Why are you running? 

I am not running, WE are running. We the people of the community are running for city council and I am speaking on their behalf. Our city is not the same city that was sought after 20 years ago. That quaint lifestyle is no longer sustainable and we need a leader who will prioritize the needs of our growing city.

2. What do you expect to accomplish if elected? 

For our community to mold together in order to accomplish important needs that are being overlooked in our city.

3. What distinguishes your candidacy?

My 30 years of public service was an investment to our city. Some look at this as a sacrifice, I look at this as an investment for US as city of Charleston residents.

A preacher once said, “It’s not a sacrifice, it is an investment. When you invest in something it has meaning and purpose. God sacrificed his life for his purpose. What kind of investment are you willing to pay for the ultimate sacrifice? He gave his all not just as a sacrifice, but as an investment so we could have a better life.

4. Describe how the impact of climate change in the Charleston area would affect your work if elected.

Climate change will have minimal impact on my work, my question back is What effect does it have on our citizens and how do we manage it as one? Climate change is a global topic and it cannot be managed by just a city. It has to be a united group of people from federal, local, and state governments meeting regularly to understand the needs of our citizens and what we can do to integrate plans and policies for those issues.

5. Pick an issue you believe has not been adequately addressed by local government. Describe solutions you will pursue if elected.

Public safety! 

We need to stop crime, prioritize emergency response, and make our intersections safer.

6. Pick one urgent issue currently facing the office you are seeking (different from questions 4 and 5) and describe how you would address it.

Expenditure of funds. Forensic auditing is a must! We need to look into the last audit that was done in the city and figure out where these funds are going.

7. Do you pledge to work with other council members to move forward collaboratively and to reduce partisanized bickering? How will you accomplish this?

Yes. I will be present and attentive during meetings and follow Robert’s rules of order respectively.

8. Please give a 150-word summary of your background.

Tony Fogle was born in Charleston, the son of Fire Chaplain Israel S. Fogle jr. and Lydia Fogle. He has three wonderful daughters and five adorable grandchildren. As a person who has served in public service in the Fire Department and Police Department for 26+ years, Tony Fogle always considered it an honor and privilege to serve our citizens in public safety and work with some of the finest and most professional men and women in blue. Working for one of the best and most sought after Police Chiefs in America, Reuben Greenberg, and the Best Mayor of all time Joe Riley, I learned that it’s never too late to make a difference every day. Charleston and Daniel Island need someone that has first-hand experience in public safety, accountability, and history. Not only for the well-being of our citizens and neighborhoods, but for the “CARE” our city employees as well.