Illustration by Steve Stegelin

Reports taken from May 9-May 16

He’s a professional

North Charleston police on May 9 responded to a call about a man entering a store at the Tanger Outlets and leaving with an entire rack of T-shirts (rack included) valued at just under $1,000. An employee reportedly followed the man outside, but was unable to get a photo of the suspect or the vehicle he left in. The investigation is ongoing.

That’ll teach those kids to play outside!

Mount Pleasant police on May 15 received a call from a group of children playing at a public pier near Kings Gate Lane after a man reportedly threatened them with a firearm because he feared the kids would vandalize the area. While the gun in question turned out to a BB gun, the man was “warned and educated” by police on “better ways to handle the situation.” No charges were filed. 

How big were those coats?

A Mount Pleasant sporting goods store manager on May 15 told police that two men apparently stole $6,749 in pickleball paddles by stuffing the merchandise in their coats. With these paddles averaging at under $100 a piece, these men would have had to walk out with more than 60 paddles under their coats. Reminds us of some really bad movies.

Don’t fight over touched milk

Charleston police on May 11 saw a man flailing his arms around downtown and threatening another man who allegedly touched his milk in his refrigerator. Even as police approached, the man continued shouting, and eventually, he was arrested for public disorderly conduct. 

They had it under control

Mount Pleasant police on May 16 responded to a shoplifting in progress at Wal-Mart, but based on the report, it was already handled, as three employees of the store followed the thief and chased him to his vehicle. He fled the scene, leaving behind more than $200 would-have-been-stolen goods. 

Not quite responsible enough

A downtown woman on May 14 had to get Charlston police to help her out of a cab because she was too drunk to stand on her own. Police called EMS to have her evaluated, but she was unable to answer basic questions, including her name, the date and the current president. Police commended her on being responsible enough to get a cab, but cited her for drunkenness anyway.

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