Ever wanted to write, direct, or star in a play, but feel like you just don’t have the time in this face-paced modern age? Well, Deuce Theatre just might have the solution to your problem thanks to a little theatrical experiment they’re calling The 24-Hour Plays.

Deuce, a new theatre company based in Park Circle, is looking for a crazy group of Charlestonians to write, direct, or act in a series of one-acts that will be written, rehearsed, and performed in, yes, a 24-hour time period. The event, originally born in Brooklyn, is a great way for artists of different mediums to unite, and as co-artistic director Andrea Studley puts it, “allow people to open up and come together across the board.”

The event will kickoff with a production meeting the evening of Fri. July 31 after which the writers will begin their creative vigils to produce a script by early morning. Directors and actors return in the morning to rehearse their brains out until the event’s finale that evening, which will be composed of a series of live performances at the South of Broadway Theatre in Park Circle.

The deadline for signing up is this Friday, and the number of spots is limited, so if you’re in need of an artistic quick-fix (or if you’d like to volunteer — they need those too), The 24 Hour Plays are here to satisfy your creative cravings. We can see your name in lights already.

For more info or to sign up, e-mail info@deucetheatre.com or call Michael Catangay at (843) 810-4506 or Andrea Studley at (843) 810-2771.