[image-1]You know an F&B community is tight when you see numerous restaurateurs and chefs come together to support one of their own. That’s been the case recently for The ‘Wich Doctor‘s Jeff Butler. Last year Butler underwent heart surgery, but as his partner Krista Hines says, things have not gone smoothly since.

“Complications from last year’s open heart surgery (blood thinners) and then 104-degree fever, staph infection in blood stream, brain swelling (celebral edema), which also compromised kidney and liver function. So he had all sorts of crap going one at once,” Hines says. Which is why Jeffrey Stoneberger of 2Nixons is stepping up to the plate.

This Sat. Feb. 25, 2Nixons is taking over The ‘Wich Doctor from 5-10 p.m.

“We are launching a take-over next Saturday that could change their lives,” says Stoneberger. We have received donations from just about every Food & Bev medium in the city.” And he hopes to raise more serving a menu of pepperoni, ranch and sesame, and Grandma-style pizzas; spicy Blue crab and asparagus ramen; as well as chicken thigh, dried shiitake, and srapple yakitori.

Stoneberger says his reason for getting involved in helping Butler out is simple. “I’m a single dad with two kids. We can’t afford to give up a Saturday of revenue but we are because that’s what Food & Bev is: we help each other in times of need.”

Stop by the ‘Wich Doctor at 106 W. Hudson on Saturday to help out.