The National Endowment for the Arts recently released a study of artists in the workforce, using census data to plot out where artists are living. No surprise, half are in the country’s largest metropolitan areas, but smaller communities have their fair share.


South Carolina’s Metropolitan Areas By Percentage of Artists

Myrtle Beach: .0142

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill: .0120

Charleston-North Charleston: .0118

Columbia: .0109

Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson: .0103

Augusta-Aiken: .0086

Sumter: .0066

Florence: .0062

South Carolina’s worst rankings by profession

• 43rd for designers

• 43rd for writers and authors

• 45th for announcers

• 45th for photographers

South Carolina’s best rankings by profession

• 16th for entertainers and performers

• 19th for musicians and singers

• 22nd for dancers and choreographers

Other facts

• Myrtle Beach ranked number eight among the areas with the most musicians.

• Wilmington, N.C., ranked fifth among areas with the most actors.

• Santa Fe ranked No. 1 for both writers and fine artists, art directors, and animators.

• 40 percent of musicians work in the nonprofit sector.

• In South Carolina, minorities make up 30 percent of the civilian workforce, but only 11.4 percent of the artists