Charleston band Sol Driven Train hasn’t been riding the rails; it’s been driving a customized tour van. And the miles are adding up. Way up.

According to singer/guitarist Joel Timmons, the band’s 15-passenger 1994 Ford 350 diesel currently has over 333,700 miles registering on the hard-working odometer. From the extensive travel in 2008 alone, the van already gained over 45,500 miles. “And we’ll probably put another 2,000 on it before New Year’s Eve,” he says, speaking from a recent week-long road trip through the Deep South.

“The van used to be used as a Charleston Tour Bus company van, with big windows for tourists. We bought in the summer of 2006 and drove it as far north as New Hampshire and as far west as Colorado.”

Sol Driven Train recently released a 10-song collection titled Lighthouse (their third studio album), featuring Timmons, sax player/singer Russell Clarke, singer/guitarist/trombonist Ward Buckheister, bassist Rusty Cole, drummer/keyboardist Phill Eason, and a variety of guest players.

“We’ve definitely broken down on the side of the road a number of times in this thing,” Timmons says. “Fortunately, Ward and Russ have learned on the job as band mechanics.”