So I’ve been sober for 4 weeks today.  That’s right- no drink, no drugs, no smokes for 4 weeks.  I’ve even been going to meetings.  And let me tell you- there is not a sadder group of people then those in an AA meeting.  We all look like a friend has died and we’re sitting Shiva.   And in a way, we are.

The amazing thing is how much I miss drinking.  Just plain miss it.  I seriously feel like I am in the seventh grade and my best friend Chris just moved to California and I will never see him again.  And he’s been gone for about 2 weeks and I instinctively go to pick up the phone to call him, only to realize he’s gone.  And my mom has come downstairs and said,  Chris is gone, go play with Steve, but I don’t want to see Steve.  I only want to see Chris.  He doesn’t judge me and point out all my flaws.  Chris tells me everything is going to be ok and that I really do have a bright future.  Steve makes fun of me and reminds me that I am a 30 year old waiter and have hair growing out of my ears.  Steve is that friend who before you go out says, “You’re wearing that a shirt?”  Chris says “Hell yeah you are.”

But alas, Chris is gone.  See ya later, good buddy.

R.I.P Chris: