Flamboyantly funky party band Plane Jane has entertained crowds in bars and at festivals for years and years with a mix of disco and funk favorites, modern rock, hip-hop, and pop tunes.

The ensemble performs almost nightly around the city and stays in high demand for wedding receptions, oyster roasts, and private parties.

One of the most impressive aspects of Plane Jane is the fact that the band works from a set list of over 400 songs. Ranging from covers of Motown and 1960s classics and ’70s Top-40 faves to raved-up current booty-shakin’ hits, the list is long and getting longer. The combo can play a solid week’s worth of shows and never play the same tune twice.

“Pulling something off on a whim is rare, although there have been a couple of times where we have actually yelled out chords or talked things over before playing it. We would sort of huddle like a football team and come out of it rockin’,” says trumpeter/keyboardist/singer Charlton Singleton.

Maybe Singleton and his mates will top 500 songs by the spring season.