[image-1]While tweens are losing their ish over Starbucks’ new Unicorn spew Frappuccino, we polled our braintrust on the best locally made coffee drinks and, lo and behold, in less time than it takes to spell check frappuccino, came up with five that are 100 percent better.

In no particular order:

Black Tap Coffee

It’s a no brainer. Pour espresso over ice cream and ta da, afternoon made. The Beaufain Street shop uses ice cream for its Italian dessert drink and unlike that Unicorn Wackuccino, this drink gives you a sweet kick without the same amount of sugar as seven Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

The Steve Palmer

As if the play on words weren’t enough, Mercantile has managed to produce a refreshing coffee drink with a lime kick. Made with five ounces of cold-brew iced coffee, the juice from one lime, and 1 ounce lime oleo saccharum, the drink is a zesty approach perfect for Charleston’s hotter than Hades summers.

Park Cafe
Coconut/Nutella Coffee Creation

Put Nutella in a coffee and you’re singing our song. Park Cafe nails it with this cold brew. A foamy coconut dream, your lunch will end on an unexpected high note if you wrap with one of these chill glasses.

Harold’s Cabin
The Jackelope

Harold’s Cabin has a knack for producing wildly creative coffee options and the Jackelope is the perfect example. Made with espresso, ginger beer, basil, honey, orange peel, this sipper will wake you up and clear your sinuses.

While technically not coffee, if you get it at Kudu then you got it at a coffee shop. And it’s beer, so it’s going to be better than the pink drink and you really don’t need an excuse.