1. The Drive. It takes longer to get to, but the moss-draped oak-lined Highway 174 offers a picturesque trip.

2. Dockside Restaurant. An old-school hangout where the beers are cold and the seafood is fresh.

3. Campgrounds. You can camp on the beach here. Make a reservation (southcarolinaparks.com), throw up a tent, and sleep under the stars next to the pounding surf. They also have cabins, which require advance planning.

4. Old Post Office Restaurant. Reopened and renovated, this is a long-time favorite. Chef Philip Bardin cooks great Southern fare.

5. Snakes. The Edisto Island Serpentarium lets you glimpse snakes, turtles, and other critters in a natural setting. If you’re at all squeamish about reptiles, this place will give you an unforgettable case of the willies.