1. The Washout. You can surf at other beaches, but none have the cachet of the Washout — or the selection of hot surfers to ogle.

2. Center Street. It’s changing fast, but Folly’s main drag still has plenty of fun to offer with lots of bars, decks, and porches. Plus, there’s the Sand Dollar.

3. People Watching. For nonstop action, park yourself near the big hotel and watch the fat tourists, drunk rednecks, and hot locals party until sunset.

4. Morris Island Lighthouse. If you don’t have a boat, you’ll have to walk a little, but it’s worth it to get to the stretch of beach that overlooks the old lighthouse. Less crowds. More dolphin.

5. Dirty, Sexy Hippies. Folly hasn’t completely gentrified, and there’s still plenty of hot, young long-hairs living the good life, hanging out at Bert’s and taking it easy.