It’s the day before Election Day, and according to records on the State Ethics Commission website, five candidates for statewide offices have not filed their final campaign finance disclosures. Those candidates are:

• For governor: Morgan Bruce Reeves (United Citizens)

• For governor: Steve French (Libertarian)

• For state superintendent of education: Tom Thompson (Democratic)

• For commissioner of agriculture: David Edmond (United Citizens)

• For commissioner of agriculture: Emile DeFelice (American)

In addition to the statewide candidates, Republican Charleston County Council candidate Thomas Legare has also failed to file his required campaign finance documents. Legare is already scheduled to face a hearing with the State Ethics Commission due to his failure to file documents in time for the June primary election, and now records show that he has not filed a campaign finance report since July 10.

Under state law, candidates must file quarterly reports of their campaign contributions and expenditures on Jan. 10, April 10, July 10, and Oct. 10. In addition, candidates must file a pre-election report no later than 15 days prior to Election Day. That deadline passed on Oct. 20.

Many candidates choose to file their Oct. 10 and pre-election reports simultaneously. In the case of Legare and the five statewide candidates, none of the candidates have filed a report since the July 10 report. Two of the candidates, Reeves and Edmond, last filed a report on April 10. Reeves and Edmond each reported $0 in expenses and contributions on their April 10 reports.