Are you in a treadmill rut? Are you looking for a high energy environment to keep you motivated? CrossFit Wappoo is the place for you!


What is CrossFit Wappoo?

CrossFit Wappoo is a results driven training facility that prides itself on being welcoming, friendly, and suitable for all levels. Our coaches are professional, knowledgeable, and ready to help you accomplish your goals. At CrossFit Wappoo, we do not discriminate due to fitness level. Whether you are 60 years old, training for a competitive sport, recovering from injury, or have trouble carrying a heavy bag of groceries…CrossFit Wappoo will help you achieve your fitness goals.

What is Fundamentals?

Fundamentals is a four-class course that teaches you the nine foundation movements in a small group setting with a certified coach to get you ready for CrossFit group classes. Each class ends in a workout and time to ask your coach questions before transitioning into regular classes.