Bumped from Friday night to Saturday night — thanks to the violent onslaught of Tropical Storm Hanna — 52.5 Records was hot on for GIG! Over 70 jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring screen print band posters were up for grabs from artists like Angryblue, Johnny Thief, and Chuck Keppler. The layered colors, even in the subdued light, glistened. The mingling groups of music fans perused the CDs and graphic novels, purchased vinyl, and craned their necks to snatch up the stunning stream of prints. Toward the end of the night, I found myself in the back of the record shop with Johnny Pundt, who was up to no good. We were admiring the antique turquoise Vita Master, a belt massager used in the ’70s to lose weight and loosen aching housewives’ muscles. Curious, we located an extension cord, plugged it in, and presto — it worked! There’s nothing like trying to make yourself throw up for fun. Stop by 52.5 Records through October to admire and purchase the remaining screen print masterpieces from over 20 artists.