If there’s one thing that hot summer nights lend themselves to, it’s drinking. And usually when booze is involved, somebody gets the drunken idea to do something completely foolish — texting an ex, leaving a comment on the City Paper website, stopping by T. Rav’s house for a late evening toot. More often than not, they end up looking like idiots. Occasionally, they end up staring at a camera with pained looks on their faces. That said, we love this kind of behavior. We encourage it. In fact, we dare each and every one of you to try one of the stunts below.

1. Skinny dipping in Colonial Lake. You should be less worried about getting caught by the po-po and more about what you might catch from the dirty water.

2. Streaking the Cuz-way. Show those Mt. P trophy wives how it’s done.

3. Driving a motorcycle in front of Will Moredock’s house. We love you, Will. We do. But any time you write a column on loud motorcycles, we get reader comments out the wahzoo.

4. Doing the deed on a table in the newly renovated Market. Come on. Don’t act like you haven’t already. We’ve got the pictures to prove it.

5. Liberating a girl’s bike and riding down King Street. If the Animal Liberation Front thinks it’s good enough for lab monkeys, it’s good enough for a Schwinn.

6. Running for U.S. Senate. ‘Nuff said.