82 Queen will be stepping into the wayback machine this week, celebrating its 30th anniversary with classic cocktails, food specials, and nightly parties. (Fun fact: the 82 Queen bar was a regular hangout for Charleston’s 80s-era gentlemen drug smugglers.)

On Monday and Tuesday, the drinks of the night will be ’80s-era Fuzzy Navels and Melon Balls. Ah, drinks made with peach schnapps and Midori. The 80s were sweet, weren’t they?

In the ’90s, drinking folks graduated to Amaretto Sours and Bay Breezes, which will be the featured cocktails on Wednesday and Thursday. A Bay Breeze is like a Sea Breeze with a splash of pineapple. Refreshingly ’90s.

So, now, you’re probably thinking what were the drinks of the millennium? Well, if you ever watched Sex in the City, you’ll know that the Cosmo was the quintessential cocktail for a lot of years, with the Mojito a close second. I gotta say, I still like a good Mojito. You can’t go wrong with mint and lime.

82 Queen will also be busting out some special dishes including Lowcountry gumbo, quail, cornmeal-fried clams, grilled shrimp, and bacon-wrapped filet of beef.

The big events will be Friday and Saturday night from 6-9 p.m. when they bring back the raw oyster bar, and will let Crab House proprietor John Keener guest-bartend.